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 All Java Messenger

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PostSubyek: All Java Messenger   Sun Feb 17, 2008 10:23 pm

[size=15pt]All Java Messenger[/size]

1. eBuddy

The eBuddy Mobile Messenger is a multi-net application that you can use intuitively for the main thing that you want such an application for: Chat with your buddies.

Download it to your phone to get the best chat experience on MSN, Yahoo! and AIM, all in one single buddylist. It remembers your username and password for quick login, supports sound notification of a new message, reacts fast and has many more advantages:
Fast response
Minimal data usage
Low Battery usage
Easy to use
Sound & Vibration
More information on

2. Morange (full version)

Apple iPhone is not necessary better than your phone, if you`ve installed Morange on it ! In one application you get * Everything!*: Instant Messaging (MSN/Google Talk/YahooMessenger/QQ), Push mail, , RSS, Siocal Network, Remote Computer access... Morange has the following exciting new features:
+ Mobile RSS Reader with Full-Text & Picture on your phone!

+ Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo Messenger & QQ! Now

+ Search friends by Gender & Age!

+ Remote Desktop Access from you phone!

+ Create your own Profile and Mobile Social Network, with Camera support

+ Compatible with all networks: GPRS/WiFi/WIF/3G/WAP

+ Push Mail , wireless access your mailbox from anywhere!

[tt][url=]Download JAD[/tt]
[tt][url=]Download JAR[/tt]

3. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is FREE software for your Internet enabled mobile phone that allows you to:
=Place global mobile 2 mobile calls at your lowest local rates. No credits needed.
=Call your IM buddies using your mobile phone at local costs. No credits needed.
=Chat with your Nimbuzz, MSN/Live Messenger and Google Talk buddies for free.
Send text messages within the Nimbuzz community for free.
=Chat with your IM buddies on Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ and Skype (coming soon).
=Get your offline buddy online by Buzzing him/her.

[tt][url=]Download JAD[/tt]
[tt][url=]Download JAR[/tt]

4. Mig33

Mig33 plus is a graphically enhanced version of its predecessor Mig33. Now you can more all the alluring emoticons than ever before. Mig33 Plus was previously know as Mig33-RS. Mig33 Plus is actually Mig33 itself. No alterations had been brought to the coding of Mig33. However it had been graphically updated with new and cute graphics such as those in the MSN Messenger. Mig33 will not be in any loss due to the evolved version of it, Migg33 Plus, as Mig33 Plus works in the same way as Mig33 because the messages are still exchanged via the Mig33 server. We do not advocate in software piracy. However we encourage in its evolution. Download Mig33 Plus and share it with your friends.
[tt][url=]Download JAD[/tt]
[tt][url=]Download JAR[/tt]
Other Version:
-multi mig33 beta
[tt][url=]Download JAD[/tt]
[tt][url=]Download JAR[/tt]
-Mig33Plus! Ultimate
[tt][url=]Download JAD[/tt]
[tt][url=]Download JAR[/tt]


This mig33 will never get freeze. More over this is the fastest mig33 file ever created with new graphical interface. If you need more help and more tricks and codes of mig33 simply visit to our website
[tt][url=]Download JAD[/tt]
[tt][url=]Download JAR[/tt]

6. Reporo

[tt][url=]Download JAD[/tt]
[tt][url=]Download JAR[/tt]

7. SH Messenger -

YM only, mesti register account SH messenger.
- Internet and WAP supported
- Smileys
- Buddy icons
- Status change
- Themes
- Sounds
- Upload Files
- Buzz
- etc.

8. [size=14pt]YMTiny - Free J2ME Yahoo Messenger[/size]

YMTiny is a free J2ME Yahoo Messenger. Directly connects to the Yahoo's server. Specially designed for small screen device.

Just connect with your Yahoo! ID, no other registration needed.

It should works on all CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 devices. Full tested with SE K510i.

- Settable message alerts: sound (midi), vibrate, flash backlight, open IM window
- Bitmap font for small screen device, and others system fonts
- "Smart Ping" maintains connection and minimizes bandwidth usage
- Receives offline messages, new mail and typing notifications
- View a friend's status, show and hide offline friends
- Send BUZZ!!!
- Window and scroll animations

tambahan lagi nih, tp blum nyoba :p
9. [size=12pt]Mova Messenger[/size]
Key Features
MovaMessenger provides you with a fast and effective solution for accessing all your existing instant messaging services without investing in an expensive dedicated device.

    [li]Multiple IM accounts: MovaMessenger allows you to consolidate all of your IM accounts.[/li]
    [li]Compatibility: MovaMessenger supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, QQ, Jabber and more.[/li]
    [li]Less Data Traffic: MovaMessenger is highly optimized with data transfer compressed saving you data usage bills. Heavy use of MovaMessenger may consume approximately 2-5MB of data per month. It's usually considerably cheaper to send messages through MovaMessenger than SMS.[/li]
    [li]User Friendly Graphical interface: MovaMessenger is easily navigated through a graphical user interface that corresponds to specific keys on your mobile phone touch pad.[/li]
    [li]Multi-lingual Support: MovaMessenger recognizes the language capabilities within your mobile phone and allows you to communicate in your chosen language.[/li]
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All Java Messenger
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